Thesis editing

In accordance with the IPEd Guidelines for editing research theses, we offer copyediting, proofreading and formatting services for research theses.

Copyediting and proofreading ensure the thesis is accurate, clear and consistent by focusing on:

  • language – spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax
  • consistency of style, including headings, citations and references
  • conformity to the designated style guide (eg APA style)
  • completeness and conformity to university thesis requirements.

Formatting, usually in Microsoft Word, ensures consistency of layout, quality of presentation and automated numbering of headings and captions (tables and figures). 

Topic areas

We edit doctoral and masters theses in a range of fields, including:

  • creative writing
  • health and biological sciences
  • humanities
  • IT and engineering
  • law
  • social sciences.

Rates and quotes

Thesis editing is charged at an hourly rate, usually between $40 and $70 per hour depending on length and complexity of the material. To estimate the number of hours involved, we will need to know:

  • the thesis topic and length in terms of word count (not page count)
  • the quality of your writing to assess the level and amount of editing work involved
  • complexity of the content, including the quantity or extent of any non-text elements such as illustrations, graphs or tables
  • your deadline for completion.

Please provide as much of this information as possible when seeking a quote, and email us the latest version of the thesis, or at least three chapters that are representative of both your writing and the content. We handle all files received with utmost confidentiality and security.

You should aim to contact us at least six weeks before your deadline, even if your thesis is not ready for editing at that stage, so that the work can be booked into our schedule. It is very rare that we can squeeze in a thesis edit at the last minute with no advance notice.


For research theses, we do not offer:

  • content editing: that is, suggesting changes to structure, substance or expression of ideas beyond matters of grammar, syntax or continuity
  • fact-checking: any errors of fact in the thesis are the responsibility of the student.

We may draw the student’s attention to legal and ethical issues such as defamation, plagiarism or privacy, but responsibility for addressing such issues remains with the student.